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University of Mary Washington Wedding

Today’s feature includes both engagement and wedding photos – what a great way to start the week! Katie and Bryan met on the University of Mary Washington campus and tied the knot there last fall. I love how the couple wore their wedding colors for their engagement photos – both sets of pictures go together so nicely! Plus their Save The Date looked perfect next to their invitation suite. Love that! And of course, I love that their wedding colors match TLB colors, too! Enjoy this beautiful fall wedding by Amanda Beside Eric and Happy Monday, everyone!
university-of-mary-washington-wedding-amanda-beside-eric_0001 (1)

From the photographer: “They met on campus at Mason 503 (a dorm building on UMW campus), April 2007 – a dorm occupied by Bryan and his best friend since 1st grade…and Katie’s boyfriend, at the time. Katie was coming over for a visit, and to meet the “fun roommate” – after sharing funny stories and a few stolen glances, they settled for a college friendship and a friend in common. Katie and Bryan maintained a friendship at school. They would leave their shared German class and talk by the campus bus stop for an hour after class, about nothing at all. Bryan and Katie carried on conversations effortlessly. Eventually once they were both single Katie made a trip into Manhattan to visit Bryan and their friendship finally turned romantic.”

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The proposal: “Ever since Bryan and Katie moved in together, they have gone apple-picking at Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, VA. On Columbus day of their third year going they climbed the mountain and trudged through the mud-soaked path to get up to the orchards. Seeing no apples on their path Katie turned around to point this out to Bryan, only to find him down on one knee, in the mud, holding out a beautiful ring. Bryan then asked, ‘Katie, will you pick apples with me for the rest of our lives?’ And Katie, of course, said yes.”

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Photographer:  Amanda Beside Eric//Makeup Artist: Emily Hudspeth, Hair Design and Makeup Artist//Dress Store: I Thee Wed Bridal//Event Venue: Jepson Alumni Executive Center//DJ: Richard Green Entertainment//Cake Designer: The icing//

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