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Spanish Village Art Center Wedding

If you love bright and colorful weddings, you’re going to love, love, love this Spanish Village Art Center Wedding! It is full of so many unique elements! Thank you to Tangerine Tree Photography for sharing Aaron and Maggie’s with us!

From the Bride: “We really were looking forward to having our guests get a full sense of the sights, sounds, and tastes of San Diego while still staying true to our roots. Maggie came up with the idea of the look and feel being like a big backyard party that we frequently would throw in the Bay Area. Even with 200 guests, we still wanted the reception to feel intimate. Maggie wanted the seating to feel almost like Thanksgiving so we chose long tables and served dinner family style so guests would interact with each other while sharing an Indian feast. To support the festive nature of our theme, we selected the colorful, playful and open space of Spanish Village Art Center. We were able to utilize its vast space to have one side of be a beautifully set cocktail and dancing area with the other as a dining area.”

“To pay homage to Aaron’s Indian heritage, we chose to use a lot of colors. The women guests at Indian weddings are always so vibrant in their richly patterned saris so the bridesmaids and location had to be equally colorful. Maggie chose a single dress style for the bridesmaids, but each wore a different color: Tangerine, Sunbeam, Begonia and Malibu Blue. The same four colors were incorporated through the yellow chevron tablecloths, succulent arrangements in blue vases and colorful streamers hanging from the jacaranda trees. We really lucked out, right before the wedding, the jacaranda trees in Spanish Village bloomed early this year and were a lovely violet hue. Maggie’s grandmother was a member of the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society and introduced her to the hearty, roselike plant. To Maggie and Aaron, succulents symbolize the expansive nature of love as you can share a succulent clipping without diminishing the original or subsequent plant. Aaron’s parents painstakingly potted each succulent plant that were both the favors and place cards at their son’s reception. Guests have taken them home planted them in their gardens!”

“Food is very important to the couple so as part of the backyard party theme, Maggie thought that family style serving would be a great option to get people talking and passing food during the meal. This turned out to be a real hit and people loved it. We served traditional indian appetizers like Samosas, Bhajis and Mango Lassis as well as main courses with Tandoori Chicken, Naan, Curries and Rice dishes.”

“Next to getting married, the other thing Maggie was most excited about was the cake! Maggie wanted to blend her Scandinavian heritage with Aaron’s Indian heritage through the cake so they asked Sweet Cheeks Baking Company to make a cake that would taste like a Princess Cake (named after the Princess of Sweden) with henna style icing. The three tiered orange cake was decked out in white icing in Paisley patterns scrolling up from the base of the cake. It was topped with a edible sugar succulent. Next to the cake were a selection of passion fruit cupcakes for guests allergic to almonds (which gives the Princess Cake its signature flavor).”“Before Maggie met Aaron she was living with her friend, Sheela and they were having a typical college meal of Chinese takeout food. Maggie opened a fortune cookie that said “you will be blessed with a beautiful relationship.” She thought little of it and tossed it aside. A few weeks later, she met Aaron and mentioned the fortune cookie when relating the story of this new love interest to her friend. Sheela ran to her room to grab the fortune that she had saved. In honor of this fateful fortune, Maggie gave out white chocolate dipped fortunate cookies wrapped in colorful foil to decorate the tables at the reception.”

Photographer: Tangerine Tree Photography//Event Planner: Bliss Events//Caterer: Ashoka the Great, Indian Cuisine//Floral Designer: Bespoke Floral & Event Design//Makeup Artist: BIJOU Beautiful//DJ:Hit It Music//Other: Party Staff//Equipment Rentals: Raphael’s Party Rentals//Transportation: San Diego Van Service//Other Location: Spanish Village Art Center//Cake Designer: Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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