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Lehigh University Engagement

Today’s engagement session is where modern meets tradition! Natalie and Jonathan chose the classic Lehigh University campus and it’s beautiful stone buildings as a backdrop for their engagement session and I don’t blame them one bit! It’s such a picturesque campus and Smile Peace Love Photography did a wonderful job of capturing this fashionable couple all around the campus. Enjoy, friends!


Their story: “Jonathan and Natalie first met when Natalie was pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work and interned at the agency with which Jonathan worked at the time. Throughout the school year, Natalie and Jonathan spent a fair amount of time together, as Jonathan taught Natalie the ropes of the agency and the needs of the populations he served. After completing her internship, Natalie left the agency and both bid each other farewell. Two years later, Natalie was phoned by a previous coworker to inform her that a position was open within Jonathan’s agency. Natalie applied and was hired and the two were reunited. All this time, the two secretly had feelings for one another, but never discussed them openly. Natalie would talk about Jonathan “all the time”, according to her sisters and mother, and Jonathan chatted with his coworkers about his admiration for her. After all, it is not every day that you find two people in their twenties who both love listening to NPR and chatting about world circumstances.”lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0002lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0003lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0004lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0005lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0006“Jonathan and Natalie eventually went on their first date. Many homemade Peruvian meals (Jonathan is native to Peru), “I love you”s and family outings later, Jonathan proposed to Natalie on Christmas day in front of her family. The two were so ecstatic to be married they chose Melt as their venue in late May 2014 and married on September 6, 2014. To ensure their nuptials captured both Jonathan and Natalie’s cultures, the two peppered in Latin touches, including a maracuya pisco sour symbol of unity during their ceremony, held on the grounds of Lehigh University. Latin music played by John Reed and Co. was enjoyed by guests, as well as their featured drink, pisco sour. Finally, the cake, created by Sweet Girlz Bakery, was complimented by homemade alfajores, a popular Peruvian pastry.”lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0007lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0008lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0009lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0010lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0011lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0012lehigh-university-smile-peace-love-photography_0013

Photographer:  Smile Peace Love Photography
Location:Lehigh University

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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