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Jacobsburg State Park Engagement

This Jacobsburg State Park Engagement session didn’t take place on a university campus, nor did it take place at a museum, but it contains a sweet love story about two teachers who fell in love, and it is so inspiring! Enjoy this love story and thank you to Mackey Photo & Video for sharing it with us!
Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0001From the photographer: “Ryan and Erin met in high school…Ryan was 26 and Erin was 23. 8th-year seniors who can’t seem to graduate? No, not quite! They were both teachers! Erin was in her first year as a member of the school’s English department and Ryan was in his 2nd year teaching special education. The two knew of each other previously, as Erin graduated from high school with Ryan’s younger brother; however, they hadn’t really hung out or talked prior to working together. Ryan was anything but suave and really had no “game”, so his options to woo her with were rather limited to say the least. So he sparked conversation with what he knew best, sports…specifically basketball. Ryan was a high school assistant coach whose team happened to be Erin’s brother’s team’s biggest rival. Erin was also involved in high school athletics as a cheerleading coach, so there turned out to be much to discuss. Conversations about hoops ended up being just the right thing to kick start the couple’s relationship. As the two got to know each other, Ryan came to admire Erin’s passion for all things in literature. So what better way to ask her out on their first date than through some light-hearted poetry. It may not have been on the same level as Dickinson or Emerson, but it was good enough to earn that date! Little did they know that date would be the first of many to come. They went to see The Vow, the traditionally sappy romantic drama and enjoyed dinner together afterwards. It was a wonderful evening and Ryan made sure to get her home early…it was a school night after all!Inspired by events in the movie, Ryan waited exactly 72 hours to ask Erin out on a second date. Thankfully she said yes. Her suggestion for date #2? Finding a casual restaurant where they could wear sweatpants and watch college basketball. As it turned out, the two were both fans of the North Carolina Tar Heels. In fact, Erin’s passion for the baby blue was impressively tough to match. It was already at this point where Ryan started to get the feeling that this relationship could really work out! Fast forward two and a half years, two crazy puppies, a cat who believes he is also a dog, a cozy home and quite a few basketball games later…Ryan decided to purchase a shiny ring…a style that Erin had subtly suggested she’d always wanted. One problem: Erin’s intuition and insightfulness made a surprise proposal quite the challenge—she’s quite a tough girl to surprise, asks way too many questions and notices the smallest of details. Ryan was up for the task though and devised a plan that she would not see coming! As the couple traveled to Ryan’s alma mater, Penn State University, to take in a prime time college football game, they stopped to visit family in Erin’s college town, Bloomsburg. Ryan had always known that this was Erin’s “happy place” and she has so much pride in the littlest and only official town in the state of Pennsylvania. A “chance” text message from a close friend led the two to Erin’s sorority house where Ryan got down on one knee on the front porch and asked Erin to marry him. She wasted no time in saying yes! They continued on to Penn State where Ryan arranged for many of their friends to meet them to celebrate with a surprise tailgate party. The couple is excitedly planning their wedding set for June 25, 2016! The ceremony and reception will take place at the Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster, PA giving the couple the rustic wedding look they have envisioned.”Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0002Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0003Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0004Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0005Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0006Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0007Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0008Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0009Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0010Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0011Jacobsburg-State-Park-Engagement-Mackey-Photo-Video_0012

Photographer:  Mackey Photo & Video// Location:Jacobsburg State Park//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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