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Edgar Allan Poe Museum Wedding

Today’s wedding is full of such gorgeous details that you’ll be sure to want to pin them all! Jess and Jerrod were married on June 28, 2014 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. From lovely florals to pretty ribbons and a stunning gown, this is a perfect wedding! Thank you to Karen Allen Photography for sharing it with us!

edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (1)

From the photographer: “Jess is a high school English teacher, a writer, and a lover of words. Jerrod is a pharmacy med school student, and a lover of golf. For their wedding day, Jess and Jerrod combined their two passions to make a day that was uniquely theirs! Their ceremony took place at The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia, a salute to Jess’s background and love, while their reception took place at the Hermitage Country Club, bringing in Jerrod’s love of golf. From their library card seating chart, to their golf tee boutonnieres, these two thought of every last detail and their day was gorgeous!”edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (2)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (4)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (3)

From the bride: “We met in our perspective “hometown” of Roanoke, VA in January of 2010. Our families each moved to the area before we had entered high school. Though Roanoke can be a small town, we did not meet until I left my number on a receipt for my bartender, Jerrod, while out on the town for a girls’ night (Jerrod was working to put himself through an unpaid internship!). With a little encouragement from a friend, Jerrod texted me the next day, and after one date, we were inseparable. At the seven month mark, Jerrod found out that he had been accepted to MCV’s Pharmacy School in Richmond. The following year, I would followed him to Richmond. Two years after moving, we had made an apartment a home, and Jerrod wanted to make me his wife. Having planned out a proposal, Jerrod’s mom delivered the special ordered ring on Friday night, April 5th, two weeks before Jerrod had planned to propose. Overwhelmed with excitement, Jerrod knew he couldn’t wait. That night, or rather early Saturday morning on April 6th, overlooking the city, Jerrod got done on one knee and proposed.”

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“Two things define us, other than our love for one another are literature and golf. As a high school English teacher and aspiring writer, I knew there was no other place I could say my vows than at the Enchanted Garden of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. We had seen the site set up for a wedding during, of all things, a haunted tour. The tour did not discourage my admiration for literature or Poe. After working out Jerrod’s upcoming school schedule, we booked the garden as their ceremony site. The site was a lush, serene backdrop, just what I needed to calm my excitement. Such an intimate occasion was graced with a trickling fountain, a natural fragrance, and the fervent sun’s afternoon glow. Though we had discussed the day’s timeline extensively, our favorite moment was the “forgetting of the rings”. Due to a misunderstanding, the rings were not brought to the site; however, we could not be shaken by the mishap, and inspired by the garden surroundings, we planted a peace lily rather than lighting a unity candle. The location could not have offered more of a graceful atmosphere that could not be disrupted.”

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“Golf has consumed Jerrod’s life since he was in elementary school, traveling all over the state for numerous championships. With the sponsorship of his supervisor at his primary pharmacy, we celebrated tying the knot at Hermitage Country Club. The reception incorporated golf, pharmacy, and literature. Weaving in these elements organically wasn’t easy, but we worked hard to add little touches that could embody our passions coming together to ignite one life together.”edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (19)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (20)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (21)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (22)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (23)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (24)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (25)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (26)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (27)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (28)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (29)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (30)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (31)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (32)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (33)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (34)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (35)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (36)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (37)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (38)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (39)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (40)edgar-allan-poe-museum-wedding_0001 (41)

Photographer:  Karen Allen Photography//Dress Store:Alfred Angelo//Bakery:Delightful Day Designs//Invitation Designer:Delightful Day Designs//Floral Designer:Delightful Day Designs – Etsy//Reception Venue: Edgar Allan Poe Museum//Location:Hermitage Country Club//Dress Store: Jingles Bridal Salon//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Jos A Banks//Band: Klaxton Brown//

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  • Ah yay!!! Thank you SO much for featuring Jess & Jerrod!! Their wedding day was gorgeous and Jess did such an amazing job bringing in details that really reflected the two of them. I love this so much!ReplyCancel

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