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Cornell University Engagement

If you’re anything like me, as soon as snow is in the forecast you hunker down and avoid leaving the house at all costs. Well, Kyle and Brianne did the exact opposite – they embraced the cold weather and snow with a winter engagement session at Cornell University. I’m so glad they did because their session is just adorable! Thank you to Calypso Rae Photography for capturing these sweet moments.


From the bride, Brianne: “Kyle and I met in 2009 as undergraduates at Cornell. We met on Slope Day, which is Cornell’s traditional party that takes place on the last day of classes. We met through friends – the night after the party my friend wanted to go over to Kyle’s fraternity to hang out with some of her friends there, and she invited me to go along. Kyle happened to come in to the room where we were watching a movie, and I introduced myself. We went on our first date a few days later.”


The proposal: “Kyle proposed on my birthday. He surprised me with a trip to Savannah – I didn’t know where we were going when we got in the car. I had to figure it out on the way. He recreated a weekend we had spent in Savannah about 5 years before, which was the first trip we ever took together as a couple. He proposed before dinner.”cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0006cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0007cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0009cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0008cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0011cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0010

“We knew before we even got engaged that we wanted to eventually do engagement photos at Cornell. Of course, it’s where we met and where we both graduated from college, so it’s very special to us. The Arts Quad, where we shot a lot of the pictures, was my favorite place on campus. I took some of my favorite classes there, and it was one of my favorite places to study or just hang out between classes. We also went to Kyle’s fraternity to take a few, just to mark where we met. We went to formals there, and spent a lot of time hanging out there and getting to know each other. Overall, it’s hard to match Cornell’s scenery and natural beauty. We couldn’t create a better place for pictures.”cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0013cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0012cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0014cornell-university-calypso=rae-photography_0015

Photographer:  Calypso Rae Photography
Location:Cornell University

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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