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Columbia University Engagement

Today I’m bringing you all to NYC to show off Casey and Nick’s Columbia University engagement session. These two are just so in love and their love story is so sweet! Plus I love the urban setting of this session!   Enjoy this campus shoot by Casey’s sister, Megan Curren Photography and get excited for this sweet couple’s wedding, which I’ll be featuring on Monday!


How they met:  Nick and I met on the first day of Columbia Law School orientation.  The Law School coordinated a scavenger hunt event that took us all around Columbia’s campus and other parts of Manhattan.  Nick and I happened to be on the same team for the hunt.  As it turned out, we were also in the same introductory Legal Methods class.  After Nick spent most of the class trying to make me laugh while the professor was talking, we eventually decided to study together for the exam.  Shortly after that exam, we started dating.  After that, there was no way we could have accomplished law school without one another!!!


Why they chose Columbia University for their engagement and wedding:  We chose Columbia’s campus for our engagement photo session and for our wedding, because that is where we met and where we spent the first three years of our relationship.  It sounds cliche, but our love truly was “born” at Columbia and just being there reminds us of all the great memories that we shared in the early days of our relationship.  We supported each other for the three years that we were in law school (which was not easy!).  We both lived in apartments on campus and spent most of our dating days around campus.  We loved taking long walks to appreciate the beautiful architecture and greenery, and we knew that the location would be perfect for our wedding.  In fact, our wedding location was literally steps from where we first met.  It can’t get more perfect than that.


Favorite memory from Columbia: I have so many great memories around campus, but there’s one moment that always stands out.  And that is when Nick and I were studying for finals during our first year of law school, and we took a study break to walk through main campus.  Columbia had decorated all the trees with bright white lights for the holidays.  It was cold outside, and we were both really stressed about our upcoming exams, but walking together hand-in-hand through those bright lights, I felt such a sense of calm and peace.  Like – with each other – Nick and I could get through anything.  I’ll never forget it.


Photographer  |  Megan Curren Photography

Location | Columbia University

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