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College of Wooster Engagement

Bonnie and Anthony met during their freshman year at the College of Wooster and have been together ever since! I can only imagine how many memories this campus holds for them and now they have these lovely images to remember them all by. A big thank you to Black Box Photography for sharing this beautiful session with us!


From the photographer: Bonnie and Anthony were both attending the College of Wooster when they met. They were living in the same house when their paths crossed. Not only that, but they were also studying History and spend much time in Kauke Hall. Now that these two are engaged and planning their amazing Winter wedding in Cleveland, we felt fitting that we captured their engagement portraits right where it all started. The College of Wooster is a quaint and beautiful campus. The grounds are gorgeous and made for a perfect setting. college-of-wooster-engagement-black-box-photography_0002college-of-wooster-engagement-black-box-photography_0003college-of-wooster-engagement-black-box-photography_0004college-of-wooster-engagement-black-box-photography_0005

How they met: Anthony and I first met in 2008, our first year of college. We were both part of a special first year seminar that had its students live together in a house instead of a regular dorm. We also had four classes together those first two semesters of

The proposal: Anthony proposed on a beach at Lake Erie. His family has been going to stay at the same house in Mitiwanga, Ohio every July for over 25 years and I had joined them for the last 5 years. We were walking down to the beach to meet his family for a fire and he proposed on the way. Apparently he spent the whole walk worrying about dropping the ring in the

Their favorite memories from The College of Wooster: Wooster has a beautiful campus, but it’s also a very important part of our relationship. We started dating there and spent the first 4 years of our relationship there. We loved being able to live in the same house together- Anthony even asked me out for the first time in that house. I also loved being in the same department and being able to take classes together.


Photography | Black Box Photography
Location | The College of Wooster

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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