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Carnegie Museum of Art Engagement

I’m delighted to share this fashion forward engagement session with you all! Breanne & Brandon chose the Carnegie Museum of Art as a backdrop for their engagement photos and it was just perfect for them! These two are one good looking couple – I can only imagine how gorgeous they are going to look on their wedding day! Enjoy this elegant set of photos by Kelsey Kradel Photography!carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0002

How they met: “Brandon and I first met while we were both attending Slippery Rock University. At the time I had already filed my transfer papers to leave and go to Point Park, we spent the next 4 years in a semi long-distance relationship. He then moved to and worked in upstate New York. We finally got to be together permanently (within the same city) in April of 2014 when we bought a house together.”carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0003carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0004


The proposal:  “After someone let the cat out of the bag that he bought a ring (after 5 and a half years of dating) I had dressed up for everything we did: Movies, Dinners, anything that I thought would include a proposal. On June 23, 2014, the day Ed Sheeran’s new album came out, I was just getting home, and wearing sweats and my hair was pulled up (ironic because I had constantly been getting dressed up for every occasion). I played him a song I liked off of Ed’s album called “Thinking Out Loud” because I thought it would be a perfect first dance song. We romantically danced in my living room while the song was playing he let go of me and when he was back from around the corner he had the ring and was down on one knee proposing. Needless to say “Thinking Out Loud” is going to be our first dance song.”carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0007carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0008carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0009

Why they chose the Carnegie Museum of Art: “We chose the Carnegie Museum of Art for our engagement pictures because we wanted something unique and different. We originally wanted to get married in the room full of statues, but it was booked =( . With both of us growing up in the city we wanted something that would represent that without using the cliché Pittsburgh pictures. We are both fascinated by the art and history of the city and decided that was the angle we were going to go for rather than the sports teams and skyline. We felt that it represented us as a quirky, unique couple. “carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0010carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0011carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0012carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0013carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0014carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0015

Their favorite memory from their session: “Our favorite memory from this location is when we were getting pictures taken in the white room with the statues. At one point Brandon looked at me and said “here we go, were getting married”. In the picture you can see how big and bare the room is and there we are in the middle of it, alone, holding hands. Pretty symbolic of how are journey of a life together is beginning with a clean slate, just the two of us. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. “carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0016carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0017carnegie-museum-of-art-engagement-kelsey-kradel-photogrpahy_0018

Photographer: Kelsey Kradel Photography
Location: Carnegie Museum of Art
Hair & Makeup- Anna Wolas: Chanel makeup Artist
Brides Outfit #1-Green Skirt- The Flawless Fox Boutique,
Heels: NastyGal,
Bride’s Outfit #2-
Boots- Juicy Couture, black and white jacket- Steve Madden

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