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Well, it’s already September and I’m sure your feed has been flooded with adorable back-to-school photos of students and teachers so today I thought I’d share this sweet university engagement session. It brings me back to my college days when I’d spend hours upon hours in the library. I love that Palak and Billy chose the library and campus for their engagement session – thank you to HRM Photography for sharing these images!university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0002

From the photographer: “Palak and Billy met while studying at Western University in London Ontario, so having their engagement session at the university seemed like a natural fit! ?We toured the places on campus where they spent time during their years in school – the library stacks at Western were so much fun to shoot in!”university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0001university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0003university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0004university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0005university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0007university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0008university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0006university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0009university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0010university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0012university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0011university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0014university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0013university-of-western-ontario-engagement-hrm-photography_0015

Photographer:  HRM Photography//Other Location:The University of Western Ontario//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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A cherry blossoms engagement session on a university campus?! Yes, please!! I love everything about this session – the beautiful setting, the sweet couple, and an adorable pup, too! Enjoy this lovely University of Washington Engagement by Eva Rieb Photography!
University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0011

From the Photographer: “They met while in college at the University of Washington, so it was only appropriate that these two UW Alum lovebirds schedule their engagement session during cherry blossom at the quad. We met on a typical Seattle morning, rain drizzling off and on and the sun doing everything it can to break through the clouds. The rain was a blessing – it kept foot traffic at the Quad relatively low so we were able to snap some great shots around the hundred year old Japanese cherry trees before heading over to Husky Stadium.Erica and Tim are getting married in Snohomish this September. So excited for their wedding!”University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0003University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0006University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0005University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0004University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0010University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0007University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0012University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0013University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0009University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0008University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0014University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0017University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0015University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0002University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0016University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0018University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0019University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0020University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0001University of Washington Engagement Eva Rieb Photography_0021

Photographer:  Eva Rieb Photography//Other Location: university of washington//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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As more and more couples look for unique venues to tie the knot in, museum weddings are becoming so much more common. I was so happy to see this Orlando Museum of Art Wedding submission because not only is it beautiful, but it’s the first time I get to feature this venue here on The Learned Bride. Anna and Brooks planned a perfect springtime wedding and it was captured perfectly by Emily Katharine Photography. Enjoy!!
Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0001Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0002

“Anna and Brooks were married this April at the Orlando Museum of Art. They met each other through mutual friends, after growing up in the same area. It was football season, and Brooks, a South Carolina student, came down to Gainesville for a football game. Brooks spent a good chunk of time at Anna’s apartment that weekend, and sooner or later, they realized they really wanted to see each other again. They decided to start dating shortly after football season ended and they began their long distance relationship. Three years of traveling was so worth it though. Last year, two days before Christmas, Brooks surprised Anna with a gift. This wasn’t any old Christmas present. It was wrapped beautifully (with the help of Brooks’ mom)! Anna opened the gift and found their love story in her hands in a photo book. The last page of the book came with a very special question and an extra gift from Brooks.”

Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0003Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0004

“The wedding day was finally upon us, and Anna’s mom and sister helped her into her dress – complete with corset back. Anna wore her grandmother’s engagement ring around her neck – a beautiful diamond that had a semicircle fan of diamonds around it – that had been reset as a necklace. Anna and all of her bridesmaids carried simple and beautiful callalily bouquets created by Flowers by Lesley – she always does a fantastic job! Anna and Brooks did a first look across the street from their venue. They saw each other for the first time under a huge gorgeous oak tree. Lucy, their sweet pup, joined us for a few photos too! Anna and Brooks wanted to take all of their photos before the ceremony. This was a first for us – but it was such a fun change! After the ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts, Anna and Brooks got to enjoy cocktail hour with all of their guests – mingling in the museum around a beautiful Chihuly centerpiece.”

Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0009Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0005Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0010Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0011Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0012Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0006Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0008Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0013Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0007Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0016Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0014Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0015Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0017Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0018Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0019

“The reception began with the first dances – a choreographed number by Anna and Brooks, a sweet first dance between Anna and her father, and a hilarious upbeat breakout to Uptown Funk You Up with Brooks and his mom. Truly a first for us to witness – which was so awesome.

The tables were decorated with floating candle and callalily centerpieces – with turquoise accents and gold chiavari chairs – it was truly a beautiful setup. All perfectly planned by Plan It Events.

All of the guests had an amazing night dancing the night away. And let me also say that a highlight of the night was the flaming donuts – not sure if you have ever experienced those from Arthur’s catering…but you’ve got to! Highly recommended – and I’m not even a donut person!

The night ended with Sweet Caroline and a sendoff through a tunnel of ribbons! It was truly a fantastic wedding and the love that Brooks and Anna share resonated throughout the event.”

Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0020Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0021Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0023Orlando Museum of Art Wedding Emily Katharine Photography_0022

Photography: Emily Katharine Photography // Venue: Orlando Museum of Art // Planner: Plan It Events // Dress: Alfred Angelo // Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal // Hair and Makeup: Kristy’s Artistry // DJ: Marc Burgess Productions // Catering: Arthur’s // Florist: Flowers by Lesley // Rentals and Lighting: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals // Videographer: Lexoria Wedding Films

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Sweet engagement photos are always lovely but when you complement them with an adorable proposal story? That’s my favorite type of post to share with you all! Enjoy this beautiful University of Texas at Austin engagement and enjoy the sweet love story of Felicia and Kenny! Thank you to Brittany Jean Photography for sharing this session with us!
View More: they met: “During finals week in 2009, I was studying for an exam and my roommate Lily asked me if I wanted to go to a party with her and her boyfriend. I initially said no, but after some persuading and them promising to let me study for the rest of the weekend, I agreed to go. Once we got there, they introduced me to Kenny and said that he was great and trustworthy. Those must have been the magic words because we talked, danced, and laughed throughout the night and had a great time with everyone there. We didn’t start dating until three months later, but ever since then, we’ve been hooked!”View More: More: More: More: More:

The proposal: “Kenny’s family loves to vacation in Vegas, so we decided to take another trip out there in June 2014. I work nights and our flight was leaving very early one morning, so I chose to just stay up and get on the plane without sleeping. As we’re going through security, the TSA agent keeps pushing Kenny’s bag back through the scanner. I need to run to the bathroom, so Kenny rushes me out of security without him (which is totally unlike him) while he deals with his bag. He claimed it was likely computer cords setting off the scanner, but the ring box was actually setting the detector off! He rushed me along so I wouldn’t find out! Once we arrived in Vegas, Kenny wouldn’t let me wander around the hotel and rushed me into the room telling me I needed to take a nap. Little did I know that his two best friends were there to surprise me and help him propose. He wouldn’t let me leave the hotel room so I wouldn’t accidentally see them. A few hours later, we got ready for dinner and once we got to the restaurant, Kenny said he was going to the bathroom and would be right back. While I’m waiting for him (and still delirious from very little sleep), a waiter brought a laptop that was playing a mix tap of Shakira “Hips Don’t Lie” which was playing when we first danced together and Plain White T’s “1, 2, 3, 4″. I was really confused and thought they were just playing music, although the choices seemed a little suspicious. Kenny’s friend Sloan walked in with a huge box of Hot Tamales (my favorite!) and assorted chocolates for me; I still had no idea what was going on. Then his best friend Ben walked in with a huge bouquet of flowers and I was so shocked to see him. I asked him what Kenny was up to and he claimed that it was nothing! Then Kenny walked in and got down on one knee and said some of the sweetest things and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! We had dinner with his friends and spent the night just enjoying each other and our company. It was so wonderful!”View More: More:

“We both moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas at Austin. Without that, we probably would have never met. Even though we spent many years on this campus getting to know each other and building wonderful memories, Kenny still loves walking through campus and taking in the sights and seeing what has changed and what has stayed the same. He gets very nostalgic walking through campus, and what better way to honor the fact that UT brought us together than by having our engagement photos taken there. I’m so glad that years down the road we’ll be able to look at these photos and relive the special moments that happened on this campus.”View More: More:

“Kenny would always surprise me outside of class with food or coffee just so he could spend a little time with me before heading off to the next class. I love remembering all the times I walked out of a building to see him sitting on the steps with a little smirk on his face just waiting for me to get out of class. His favorite memories are the times we’d be relaxing near one of the many fountains just spending time talking and being with each other.”View More: More:

Photographer: Brittany Jean Photography

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It’s always a good day when I get to share images from my home state of NJ! This session by Something Blue Wedding Photography is sure to get you longing for fall and wait til you read Christine and Matt’s proposal story – it’s so romantic and sweet! Enjoy!!princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0018

From Christine:”Matt and I met in Belmar, NJ, a town we both used to frequent in the summer of 2013. I had seen him several times and thought he was too handsome and too tall and would never like a girl like me. We began talking and I quickly realized that he was the sweetest person I had ever and would ever meet. He was so kind, thoughtful, grounded and polite. The chivalry that everyone else claims is dead, he proves is very much still alive.”princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0001princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0002princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0003princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0004“On April 11, 2015 we were getting dinner at Pascal & Sabine in Asbury, NJ.  After we finished, he suggested we walk on the beach…not so out of the ordinary to do. So we drove to Belmar, and having the beach to ourselves, walked along the water when we came across a bottle that was sticking out of the sand on 5th Ave. I saw it but continued to walk assuming it had nothing to do with me. Matt then asked if I was curious to see what it was. So I went back and saw that there was a note sticking out of the bottle. I picked it up and took the note out and it read, “Each thought of you fills me with such sweet emotion, I give you my deepest devotion. My fondest wishes you completely fulfill; I love you totally, and I always will.” At this point I turned around to see the most handsome man I have ever seen, on his knee, asking me to be his wife. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough!”princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0005princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0006princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0007princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0008princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0009princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0010princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0011princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0013princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0014princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0012princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0015princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0016princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0017princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0019princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0020princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0021princeton-university-engagement-something-blue-photography_0022

Photographer:  Something Blue Wedding Photography//Other Location: Princeton University//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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