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If you love blush just as much as I do then you’re in for a treat today! Erin and John’s blush and white wedding at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth was full of beautiful orchid topiaries and lush peonies. It is modern, yet timeless with an impeccable design. It’s easy to fall in love with this gorgeous wedding! Thank you to Tracy Autem Photography for sharing all the pretty!modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0029modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0020modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0021modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0022modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0023modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0024modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0030modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0025modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0026modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0001modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0027modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0002modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0028modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0003modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0005modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0019modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0015modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0014modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0013modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0004modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0016modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0012modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0009modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0006modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0017modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0010modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0008modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0011modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0018modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0031modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0032modern-art-museum-fort-worth-tracy-autom-photography_0033

Photographer:  Tracy Autem Photography//Dress Store: Bliss Bridal Salon//Cake Designer: Creme de la Creme Cake Company//Bridesmaid Dresses:David’s Bridal//Floral Designer:Jim Irwin Floral//Groomsman Attire:Men’s Warehouse//Museum:Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth//DJ:Randal Stout Events//Transportation: Romantic Remembrances//Makeup Artist:Shades of Grace//Ceremony Location: St. Patrick Cathedral//Hair Stylist: The Parlour @ Resort 2501//Event Designer:Wedfully Yours//

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I am in love with these bridal portraits!  Julia Fay Photography photographed Rebekah at Clemson University, her alma mater, and the images she captured are simply gorgeous! I love that this collection showcases all of Clemson’s beautiful buildings: the famous Tilman Hall, Clemson Bell, Clemson Library, Sikes Hall, Presidents Walk, and Presidents House. And that Essence of Australia gown? Stunning! Enjoy!


Photographer |  Julia Fay Photography
Dress | Essence of Australia | The Gown Boutique of Charleston
Bouquet | Hunters Creative Florist
Hair & Makeup | Julie Jackson of Salon 72: Greenville’s Glam Squad
Jewelry | Davids Bridal
Fur | Vintage silk lined mink fur | Through The Looking Glass Vintage and Consignment, Greenville, SC
Location:Clemson University

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  • Karen Kerr

    Julia Fay and Rebekah are awesome… Beautiful bridals with the most wonderful University in the US as the backdrop.. Go Tigers.. #AllIn!ReplyCancel

We’re heading to Texas today for this Southern Methodist University Engagement Session by  Kendall Crosson Photography. I am in love with the classic feel of this spring session that highlights many sweet moments between Sarah and Bryce. Enjoy their story, and the images that go along with it!

Southern Methodist University Engagement_0001

From the photographer: “Sarah and Bryce met in Music Theory Class at Southern Methodist University their freshman year of college. Their love for music brought them together and they haven’t been apart! Sarah is an outstanding harpist and currently works for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as a Special Projects Administrator. Bryce is working towards becoming a Band Director, plays the trumpet, and absolutely adores Sarah! They have worked together not only in school but on other big projects as well. One of their passions is being a part of “Bridge The Gap Chamber Players” with the goal of making chamber music accessible to all communities in North Texas. One of their current projects is partnering with community centers in South Dallas creating a free after school-orchestra program for middle school students, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to musical instruments.”

Southern Methodist University Engagement_0002Southern Methodist University Engagement_0004Southern Methodist University Engagement_0003
Southern Methodist University Engagement_0005Southern Methodist University Engagement_0006Southern Methodist University Engagement_0007Southern Methodist University Engagement_0008Southern Methodist University Engagement_0009Southern Methodist University Engagement_0010Southern Methodist University Engagement_0011Southern Methodist University Engagement_0012

Photographer:  Kendall Crosson Photography//Makeup Artist: Penny Crosson //

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I love when I receive a submission with the couple’s love story and oooh… I have such an adorable one today along with sweet, lovely images by One-12 Photography. Here are Cheryl and Tyler and their beautiful University of Western Ontario Wedding. Enjoy!

How they met: “As an avid golfer, I often join up with groups I don’t know to meet new people. One day, I was looking for a game of golf and joined up with this lovely couple. We played several times throughout the summer and they often spoke about their son who recently moved to Toronto and also loves to golf. Thinking this was a proud parent talking highly of their son, I did not think much of it until they called me to play and told me their son would be joining since he was in town visiting. I had a sneaky suspicion that something was up. I had a friend that wanted me to take her shift at work that day and normally I would always say yes to such a thing, but not this time. I told her I thought I needed to meet this new guy. I also had tickets to the London Knights hockey game later that evening. I asked my girl friends if I should make plans with these tickets (assuming nothing would come of this boy-meeting) or, if I should hang on to them in case this guy is awesome, then I could ask him on a date for later that night! Obviously they told me to save the tickets for just in case… So we met on the driving range before the round and it was an instant connection. The rest of the round was a bit of a blur as we hit it off and spent the whole day with sarcastic banter, competition and laughs. In my head, I thought, well if he doesn’t ask me out by the 16th hole, I will ask him. On the 15th hole, randomly the topic of hockey came up so I mentioned that I had tickets to the hockey game and asked if he wanted to join me. He said sure! Later I found out that if I didn’t ask first, he had planned to ask me out by the 17th hole. So essentially, his parents set us up over our common love of golf – pretty fairy tale-like if you ask me… and funny enough, we haven’t been to a London Knights game since!”


Their engagement story: “Every summer, we try to plan a weekend getaway. I had already planned a surprise getaway for the two of us previously, so I told him that it was his turn this summer (summer of 2013). Little did I know that he already had proposal plans in the works. It was the May long weekend and all I knew was that we were going to play golf somewhere and to pack a dressy outfit. On the Saturday morning, we went for breakfast, got in the car and Ty started driving. I kept trying to guess where he was taking me, but eventually he lost me. We made our way to Whistle Bear golf course in Cambridge (about an hour from where we live but took us almost 2 hours with all of his detours trying to get me lost). It was a beautiful day with great company. He beat me and to this day, I’m still not sure how he was capable of hitting the ball knowing what he had in store for me later. I also learned later that everyone we met that day knew what his plans were, but of course I was oblivious. After we had a lovely lunch on the patio, he told me it was time to go. Within a few minutes we pulled into Langdon Hall. I was utterly confused. I did not know why we were going to such a fancy place, it was not our style at all, nor did it fit our budget. I was almost mad! He asked me to open the glove box to which I found the package stay that we had contributed to as a gift for his parents for their anniversary. This made me more mad not understanding why they would give this to us. Finally the beautiful scenery distracted me enough that I began to accept the surprise. We settled into our room and decided to walk the grounds. We got back to our room after our walk and there was champagne and strawberries there to great us. I thought this was standard for hotels of this caliber, so I did not think this was suspicious, just excited to have some! We went on the back balcony to enjoy a toast where he then did his proposal. Afterward he filled me in on the last several months of planning and secrecy. He then told me I had 15mins to get all dolled-up as we had dinner reservations. I was not impressed because I had ugly cried pretty badly and mascara had caked on all over my face. Nonetheless, we enjoyed an amazing dinner and several glasses of champagne. The next day he planned a manicure and pedicure so I could show off my new sparkling ring with beautiful hands. After our brunch and spa retreat, went to his parents’ house to visit with friends and family and savour the excitement for rest of the long weekend.”


“I have a few stand-out memories from our photo session at Western. The most significant was our first look. We stood on the steps of University College hiding behind a bundle of white balloons while our groomsmen and bridesmaids sat behind us and looked on. We let our balloons go and as they floated up into the sky, we admired each other for the first time on our wedding day. It was like there was nothing else going on around us except for that moment. It made for some very cool pictures with the balloons floating upwards and the expression on our faces.”University-of-Western-Ontario-Wedding-One-12-Photography_0004University-of-Western-Ontario-Wedding-One-12-Photography_0005University-of-Western-Ontario-Wedding-One-12-Photography_0006University-of-Western-Ontario-Wedding-One-12-Photography_0009University-of-Western-Ontario-Wedding-One-12-Photography_0003University-of-Western-Ontario-Wedding-One-12-Photography_0010

Why they chose this location: “I am a proud Western alumni and have always appreciated the stunning beauty of campus. I knew that no matter where our venue was, I definitely wanted some photos on campus. After seeing other couples’ gorgeous wedding photos from Western, I never had a doubt. There is so much variety and character on campus, you certainly cannot go wrong! Then when we chose Windermere Manor as our venue, it was a no-brainer. Logistics were super simple. We did not have specific locations on campus in mind because there were too many options so we trusted our photographer to set her creativity free and choose locations that she knew well and that suited us. Needless to say, our wedding photos from Western are just spectacular!”


“I was very sick the day of our wedding. It was October, but it was not a sunny and warm October day. It was cold and a little dreary at the time of our pictures. Combine the two and I was not feeling very “picture perfect”. I do not know how much time had past, but it took everything in me to try to stop shivering for the pictures and to put on my poses as if nothing was wrong. We were under one of the trees on the top of University Hill and our photographer asked my then, husband-to-be to dip me, but I was shivering so bad that I was stiff as a board and couldn’t bend backwards. I persevered but called it quits after that picture. Amazingly, that photo is in our top 3 favourites of all of our wedding photos! It has a funny story behind it that no one would ever have suspected by how stunning that picture turned out.”university-of-western-ontario-wedding_0100


Photographer:  One-12 Photography

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Boy do I have a gorgeous wedding for you today! Nastassja and Anthony were married at the beautifully classic Philadelphia College of Physicians. This is one of my very favorite Philadelphia wedding venues! I can never get enough of those columns and the reception room is just stunning. Thank you to  Asya Photography for sharing their lovely work with us!Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0001How they met: “We met at law school. We were in different sections but had mutual friends and one class together. I still remember the first time we ever hung out – we were at a school happy hour and bonded over picking Van Morrison songs on the jukebox (that’s why we picked Moondance as our first song). We started dating the summer after our second year.”Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0002Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0003Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0004Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0005Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0006Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0007Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0008Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0009Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0010Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0011Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0012Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0013Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0014Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0015Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0016

“We had the ceremony and the reception at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia. The ceremony was outside in the medicinal garden – a space so surrounded by trees and plants it’s hard to tell you’re downtown. The College of Physicians is unique because it contains the Mutter Museum, a medical oddities museum. The building is beautiful and historic. We had been talking about doing a small wedding on the beach and already had the College appointment so we decided to go – as soon as we walked in we were like well–I guess this is happening. We loved that the venue was in the middle of Philadelphia and had so much history to it.”Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0017Nastassja: “My Dad and I were waiting to walk outside for the ceremony when we heard a roar of applause and cheers – everyone was applauding Anthony as he walked out. It made us both burst out laughing and set the tone for the rest of the day.”Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0018Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0019Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0020Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0021Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0023Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0022Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0024Anthony: “I will always remember walking into the reception area after the ceremony and Nastassja immediately started crying. She managed to keep it together during the ceremony (I didn’t and kept choking up during our vows) but as soon as we were alone for a minute she turned to me and started sobbing. We were both overcome with so much emotion and joy.”Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0025Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0030Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0041Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0026Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0027Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0028Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0029Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0032Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0033Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0035Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0039Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0037Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0036Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0038Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0034Philadelphia College of Physicians Wedding - Asya Photography_0040Photographer:  Asya Photography//Caterer:Catering By Design//Band: EBE Events and Entertainment//Floral Designer: Garnish//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Men’s Warehouse//Museum:Philadelphia College of Physicians//Transportation: Philadelphia Trolley Works//

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